Mission Statement & Objectives
Perfectly Brown's mission is to educate, empower, and encourage African-American communities through mentoring, coaching, motivational speaking, and seminars/workshops which promote entrepreneurship, knowledge, and awareness among those in the community.  

Education : Perfectly Brown uses Workshops/Seminars and Coaching to educate the community on buying power, entrepreneurship (i.e. marketing, supplemental products, target audiences, supply and demand), authorship (writing your story, writer's block, imagery), publishing, and branding .

Empowering & Encouraging : Perfectly Brown uses Mentoring and Coaching as mechnisms to reach both children and adults.   Mentoring is for reaching African-American children in a manner that boosts confidence, identifies strengths and weaknesses, sets short term and long term goals, and helps define the tools to execute those goals.  
Coaching is used for continuous contact, goal planning, execution of goals, and assessment of performance to ensurethe growth and development of the person.  

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Jordan Brown Plush Doll

Our Jordan Brown Plush Doll is inspired by Perfectly Brown the children's book. If you remember, Jordan Brown is the main character of our book who is encouraged to be her happy, intelligent, and perfectly brown self.  If you are interested in purchasing a Jordan Brown Plush Doll click here.  

Just Justice

There are a great amount of blended families all over the world.  Justice, as you probably remember, is one of the friends of Jordan Brown.  Just Justice is about a young girl in who has a blended family that is filled with love, learning, growth, and encouragement.  Her mom is a nurse. Her stepdad is a police officer and her stepsister is a high school senior heading to college soon.  Although Justice’s real father is not present she still manages to be filled with love.  This family shows the world how blended families operate and love one another just the same as any other family. 
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Perfectly Brown

Perfectly Brown was written to encourage young brown girls that they are perfect the way that they are. Brown skin, curly hair and all. All brown girls are wonderful and intelligent.
Perfectly Brown shows young girls that they are supported and loved by family and teachers. It also brings forth the presence of the African-American families that are often drowned out by society. There are many African-American families that stand strong behind their children through the powers of love, encouragement, and support.
Perfectly Brown is here to show that love, encouragement, and support.

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