About The Author

 Dr. Jobyna Terry
Jobyna Terry is a business owner and Juris Doctor . Before coming to law school, Dr. Terry attended Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. Dr. Terry always a knack for writing and drawing. As an elementary student, she wrote short stories for an in-class competition, which was started by her teacher Mrs. Royster.

In her teenage years, she enjoyed writing songs and poetry.
During law school, Dr. Terry's writing style changed to become more concise, but it did not change the passion she had for creative writing. She always had a passion for story telling which is why it came easy to develop stories that others can relate to.

Dr. Terry was inspired to write Perfectly Brown after taking her Goddaughter, Tynizha, to the library and noticing there were no brown children in the books.   
She has always known the adversity that our children face.  There are so many images that portray what and who we are supposed to look like.  Therefore,  it was important for her to put that positive image in her Goddaughter's and other children's mind and subconscious because reading is supposed to be an escape for children.  This allows them to form their own images and if they never see images of themselves they will never know how intelligent, beautiful, and amazing they are.

   With these things in mind, she started on her quest to encourage black and brown children to read about themselves, but show them that our families exist and love one another. Her current project named "Just Justice" reflects blended families.
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Perfectly Brown's goal is to teach children where they come from so they can understand who they can become. This is done through different learning streams of culture and heritage and by exposing them to careers that peak their interests. Additionally, we work on life skills, team building, and confidence building.

Perfectly Brown focuses on where the mentees are currently (grade level, interests, and strengths and weakness) and guides mentees into paths they need to follow to accomplish their career and life goals.  We will communicate about current events, career goals, educational goals, motivations, distrators, and social skills.

Perfectly Brown's ultimate goal is to keep an open communication line between parents/guardians, mentees, and mentors to ensure the success of the program.

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